6 Quick Facts on the TRO on the Implementation of the RH Law

by Youth for Life (based on ALFI report) The Philippine Supreme Court in a Decision dated August 24, 2016 DENIED the Motion to Lift the TRO filed by the Office of the Solicitor General. Legally, therefore, there can be NO FULL

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Bakit ngayon lang nagrereklamo sa MTRCB sa lust scene sa “Till I Met You” at hindi sa ibang TV shows?

by Anna Cosio Sa mga nagtatanong kung bakit daw ngayon lang nagrereklamo ang mga tao sa MTRCB dahil sa lust scene sa TIMY pero hindi raw nireklamo ‘yung malalaswang eksena sa ibang TV shows, I’d like to ask you: so

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F4L position paper on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Bill

Filipinos for Life, Family, and God, Inc. (Filipinos for Life), an organization whose members promote traditional Filipino family and cultural values and advance the culture of life and the sanctity of marriage and family, expresses grave concern over the bill

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The Differences Between Spontaneous and Induced Abortion

View and download the full-size infographic here.

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What is the Culture of Death?

by Anthony James Perez Recently, Archbishop Soc Villegas and Cardinal Chito Tagle came out with statements regarding the Culture of Death. This is a layman’s attempt to explain the term “Culture of Death” in layman’s terms, to reduce it to

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Responses to 11 questions during the Youth for Life Symposium in Divine Word College, Mindoro

by Anthony James Perez As I promised my audience during my “Youth for Life Symposium” held last Sunday at the Divine Word College in San Jose, Mindoro, I will be posting their questions here and my answers. Take note that

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My thoughts on Candy Giving on Valentine’s Day 2016

A seminarian showing the "Exchange Your Condoms for Candies and Real Love" sign. Beside him is a lady distributing condoms.

  by Anthony James Perez I do not profess to be perfect. In fact I have survived a colourful past and am blessed not to be sick with anything. I still struggle with chastity. We all do. I am also

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